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We Create A Positive Brand Image That Attracts Talent and Motivates Teams

Poor hiring decisions and unengaged employees impact company culture and that pushes away your best performers and candidates. 

Attracting the best talent starts with having a kick-ass culture to talk about, then building an engaging marketing plan that tells more people, more often, in more ways, why they should work here.

I help companies recruit talent, build a positive social brand identity, develop a winning culture that attracts the best passive candidates, and motivate your current team to win again. 

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Our Process


1. Introductory Consultation

2. One on One Meetings With Your Leadership Team

3. Company Engagement Assessment & Benchmarking Your Culture

4. Create And Deliver
Your Action Plans

5. Create A Candidate Marketing Plan For Identified Talent Gaps

6. Ongoing Consultation And Training With Certified HR Professionals During Candidate Selection